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The report page provides both your tax summary and a list of your current tax details. It is essential that your tax information is correct and up to date — otherwise your tax liabilities might be calculated incorrectly. Business mileage is an important, tax-deductible expense — which often isn’t recorded in the correct way. However, if you’re not claiming for legitimate transport expenses that are critical to your business, you could end up paying more tax than you need to. Fortunately, QuickBooks Self-Employed makes the process easy.

The “Net Income” figure is, ostensibly, your taxable profit. QuickBooksOpens a new window allows you to create your own tax profile that contains all necessary information required to calculate your annual tax bill. In the UK, for example, you must enter whether you’re married or single, and what your personal tax-free allowance is. The tax summary screen displays all relevant income and expenses, and it lists your tax liabilities at the bottom of the page. This should be all that you need to complete an online tax return.

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It includes easy to use organization, tax and growth focused tools to help drive financial stability. Speed up your initial setup by automatically importing your spreadsheet data for instant business insights and simple bank connections. Completely reimagined for one-person businesses like yours, QuickBooks Solopreneur features easy-to-use tools to help you drive growth and financial stability. QuickBooks Self-EmployedOpens a new window is a cash-based system, so you have to manually enter each expense and payment you receive.

Select the type of transaction, which will usually be either a business expense or business income. You can then enter a description, a total and a transaction category. Choose “Business Income” if you want to record a payment you’ve quickbooks self-employed login received, or select from the range of expense categories available. Wave is a free alternative to QuickBooks Self-Employed that offers unlimited invoices and estimates that can be customized with your logo and company colors.

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Adding each transaction takes seconds, and you can even scan or upload receipts and invoices to support each record. If you’re self-employed, managing your accounts and keeping track of your taxes isn’t always easy. After all, you’re probably on your own when it comes to essential administration. The good news is that QuickBooks Self-EmployedOpens a new window is an online accountancy software that takes the sting out of bookkeeping.

It offers easier setup, an improved transaction management experience, along with added flexibility and productivity tools. This is also where you will find your “Profit and Loss” report, which is a detailed breakdown of your income, expenses, assets, liabilities and profit. You can choose to view the report for the current tax year, the previous tax year, by month or for the last quarter. Your turnover and any other income appears at the top of the page, while expenses by category are listed underneath.

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quickbooks self-employed login

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